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Film Production

NRTEG is currently in production with its first full length animation film project, an animation film based on the Steve Stephens novel "The Greatest Escape". The film stars Academy Award winning actor Lou Gossett, Jr. and veteran young actress Caitlin Wachs.   Directed by animation veteran Kevin Altieri.

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King Herod.  Art by Kevin Altieri. Color by Joey Mason


Background by Brad Rader



Kevin Altieri

Award-winning writer, producer, and director Kevin Altieri's talents range from music video director, comic book artist and publisher, to cartoon animator. Kevin was nominated for a Grammy Award for the Best Short Form Music Video for co-directing Pearl Jam's Do the Evolution. Kevin directed the Emmy-award winning animated television series Batman (Warner Bros.). Mr. Altieri also served as a development and concept artist for Disney's The Lion King . Mr. Altieri directed the Scooby Doo franchise film Scooby Doo and the Shadow Goblins and is currently directing NRTEG's project, The Greatest Escape, the Steve Stephens fictional Biblical tale published as Mr. Stephens's third published book.

In the comic book world, Altieri earned the Will Eisner Award for the Batman Adventures Holiday Special (DC Comics) and is the creator, publisher, writer and artist for the comic book series Joshua Warrick Werewolf for Hire (Catatonic Comics).



Batman (© Warner Bros)          Pearl Jam's Do The Evolution (© Sony Music)


Julie Dash

Julie Dash is the first African American woman to have a full-length general theatrical release in the United States . Her work as a director includes The Rosa Parks Story , starring Angela Basset (Ms. Dash was also a co-writer of the published book of the same name. And, Ms. Basset was nominated for an Emmy Award for her performance in the film), Love Song , starring R&B singer Monica (MTV/Viacom), Incognito , starring Vanessa Williams and Richard T. Jones. When not working on her projects, Ms. Dash frequently lectures at many of the leading universities across the United States .



The Rosa Parks Story                                            Love Song


Author Steve Stephens

Photo by Jose Hernandez

Steve Stephens wrote the published book Anybody Love , the story about integration strife in Louisiana in the 1940s, published by University Edition. Steve also wrote the published book God In Our Schools, the story of the first black student to enroll in an all-white Louisiana school system in the 1960s, published by AmErica House. Anybody Love and God In Our Schools have been adapted to the screen by 4HG, with The Formula (the screenplay name chosen for God In Our Schools) currently in pre-production. Steve wrote the recently published book The Greatest Escape , which was also adapted to the screen and is currently 4HG's first animation film project in production.

Mr. Stephens has a fourth novel soon to be published to the market by Dorrance Publishing, "The Crossover Teacher". A screenplay, written by Mr. Stephens, his wife Pat, and Bill Dumas has been completed. More information will be coming.



Mike Alvarez – Producer

Mr. Alvarez has a long history in the world of independent music. In1984 he formed the independent music label Not Records Tapes (NRT) in Austin, Texas. Alvarez quickly built a reputation of recording artists that went directly from NRT's living room studio to major record labels, including Daniel Johnston (Electra), The Reivers (Capitol), and The True Believers, with Alejandro Escovedo (EMI).


In 1988, Alvarez relocated to Los Angeles to serve briefly as an in-house music producer for the famed music-recording studio Paramount Recording Studios. A year later, Alvarez went to work at The Sony Video Institute, a world leading audio/video production training facility located on The American Film Institute campus in Hollywood California. In 1995 Alvarez began working in television as an audio professional working for NBC, ABC and many other cable networks.


Alvarez continues producing his own and others independent music and documentaries for the NRT music catalogue.  



Demon Angel – A Day and                                         2324

Night With Roky Erickson                                        Not Records Tapes

Triple X Records (CD/Video)                                     (CD/3D-DVD)


The Products

NRTEG Entertainment will produce films NRTEG outright has acquired the rights to, such as the group of screenplay projects NRT has developed over the past few years, as well as seek to participate in the production of screenplays owned by other companies and individuals. The projects in the current NRTEG catalogue include three

stories written by NRTEG member Steve Stephens - Anybody Love , The Formula , and the fictional Biblical tale, The Greatest Escape .

Below are synopsis versions of the NRTEG catalogue of screenplays currently in production or development.

Anybody Love

Published novel written by Steve Stephens . Screenplay written by Bill Dumas

In 1945 on a small farm in Louisiana , Emma Bobbi ("Anybody") Love, a 14year-old, black girl, lives and works with her sharecropper grandparents. Anybody becomes pregnant after being raped by a local, white boy. The story, based on true facts, is told through the eyes of Anybody's best friend, Billy Austin, a white, 13-year-old whose grandparents own the farm. Billy's grandmother, Miss Molly, a pillar of great faith and courage in this small town, rallies the family to seek justice in this crime that the rest of the town insists on ignoring. The townspeople's unrelenting resistance of Miss Molly's crusade pushes her family's unity to its limits and threatens to deepen the schism between black and white in this deeply segregated community. Based on the life experience of novelist, Steve Stephens , "Anybody Love" is a moving story of faith and family, and standing up for what is right even against overwhelming resistance.

The Formula

Based on the novel “God In Our Schools”. Written by Steve Stephens

Set in the late 1960's, Andrel, a young black boy attempts to do "what things Jesus would do", to survive his ordeal when he is chosen to be the first black student to integrate a previously all-white school in Louisiana . Andrel would survive using a “formula” of faith, determination, dedication and humility.

Isabel Brew has picked Andrel as the best black candidate to integrate Threshold High School because of his outstanding scholarship. Andrel has a desire to make something out of himself and get the best education available to him. He wants more than anything to attend dental school and become an orthodontist and helps convince his father he wants to go to the white school.

Foots, Brutie, Andrel and Reverend Joe, head of the local NAACP, enroll Andrel at Threshold High School at the last possible minute to avoid any controversy or opposition.

Once the news is out, the local KKK doesn't agree that Andrel should attend Threshold High School at all. By night, with lighted torches, the group rides out to the Pinkerton home to "scare" Foots out of his decision. The visit instead results in the tragic death of Ed "Foots" Pinkerton.

A demonstration greets the boy when he tries to attend school on opening day of the fall term. Federal Judge Teal, of the Shreveport Federal Court District , sends Federal marshals to keep down the trouble. One of the marshals, Jeff Christian, is assigned to be with Andrel at all times in the hallways of the school.

School principal Bill Weston, counseled by his wife, Pat, institutes a student committee to talk over the concerns of both the whites and of Andrel as a minority student. Order returns to the troubled school. Then Andrel receives an anonymous note threatening his grandmother's life if the boy does not withdraw from school. Andrel believes he must withdraw.

Andrel also catches David, the school's quarterback (and son of the local head Klansman responsible for Foots' death), trying to cheat on a science test. Andrel refuses to tell Bill Weston about the cheating even though another student overheard the two boys. Andrel refuses to use David's lapse for his own advantage.

Andrel's fair nature and fortitude in dealing with every trial thrown at him by the white students wins David over and the boys become close friends. Bill Weston also changes his mind about Andrel. They persuade Andrel to join their school country/western band. Andrel's talent as a musician plus David's switch to being his champion, help him become more accepted by the Threshold High students.

Graduation day comes for the two boys. David has better grades than Andrel by one percentage point. At the commencement ceremony, David removes his valedictorian's medal and slips it over Andrel's head.

The Greatest Escape

Story by Steve Stephens . Screenplay written by Lyn Morgan, Steve Stephens and Pat Stephens

The Holy Family must escape Bethlehem as King Herod orders the massacre of all male children under the age of two after Herod is told by The Three Wise Men that they are following a bright star that is to lead them to the birth of the Messiah, the real King of the Jews. Obsessed with destroying the new King, Herod makes plans to kill all males under two years of age, thereby thoroughly destroying this threat to his royal monarchy.

Unbeknownst to Herod, his daughter Cleangela is forever changed by the witness of the miracle of Jesus, and she knows instinctively that he is the Son of God, King of all Kings. She also knows she has been divinely commissioned to protect the Holy Family in the coming days.

When Herod discovers that the Wise Men have returned home via another route, bypassing his palace, he feels betrayed. Enraged and obsessed with destroying the new King, Herod makes plans to kill all males under two years of age, thereby destroying this threat to his royal monarchy.

Cleangela is determined not to let that happen. Indeed, it is her life-saving encounters with the Angelic choir that saves the Holy Family. Cleangela assists the Holy Family in their flight to Egypt , aids them during their stay, and ensures their safe return to the Holy Land.