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Mike Alvarez directs Helen Estrada in the Head Shop video "Don't Fall Down" (2001)


In 1984 Alvarez formed the independent music label Not Records Tapes (NRT) in Austin, Texas. Alvarez quickly built a reputation of recording artists that went directly from NRT's living room studio to major recording labels, including The Reivers ("Freight Train Rain", Capital Records), Haunted Garage (Metal Blade), Daniel Johnston (Electra Records), The True Believers, with Alejandro Escovedo (EMI). In 1988 Alvarez relocated to Los Angles to serve briefly as in-house music producer at the legendary music recording studio Paramount Recording Studios. From 1989 to 1995 Alvarez worked in management at The Sony Video Institute, a world leading audio/video production training facility located until 1995 on The American Film Institute campus in Hollywood California. In 1995 Alvarez began working in television as an audio professional.   He has worked for NBC, ABC, CNN and other U.S. and foreign cable networks. Alvarez produced and directed the documentaries, Demon Angel, A Day and Night with Roky Erickson about the music legend Roky Erickson, and Virginia Robinson, Her Home and Gardens (Virginia Robinson was the CEO and co-founder of Robinson's department stores) and was co-producer of the 2007 Tom Koester 3D documentary 2324 The Making of an Underground Album, a documentary about the making of Alvarez's full length LP that was written and tracked in two days. Alvarez also has produced and directed several music videos under the NRT umbrella. Currently, in addition to producing the first film project for NRTEG and 4HG, The Greatest Escape, Alvarez continues producing his own and others, independent music and documentaries for the NRT catalogue and works as an finance and distribution executive on several independent film projects. Before entering the entertainment world, Alvarez was a restaurant owner at 19 years old, an accountant for the city of Austin, a Texas State Senator's assistant and a Federal Bank Examiner for the U.S. Department of Treasury. Alvarez was born in Hammond, Indiana, raised in Texas and has lived in Los Angeles since 1988.