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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                           Summer 2010


Steve Stephens Novel The Greatest Escape Being Made Into A Traditional Animation Movie


LOS ANGELES, CA—The published Steve Stephens novel, The Greatest Escape – It Could Have Happened This Way (Axiom Press) is being made into a traditional animation movie.


The novel represents a retelling of the age-old story of the birth of Jesus Christ and his family's escape from the evil King Herod. The fictional book, and film, address the question of how the family might have actually managed to escape Herod's troops.


Produced by Mike Alvarez's NRTEG, based in Los Angeles, the film is a co-effort between Shreveport Louisiana studio 4HG Entertainment and South Korea's SunMin Image Picture Co., Ltd . Directed by Kevin Altieri ( Pearl Jam's Do The Evolution animation music video, the award winning Batman – The Animated Series, Warner Bros., Hasbro's GI Joe) and starring Caitlin Wachs (Commander In Chief, My Dog Skip, Inspector Gadget 2 , etc.), Part One of the two-part, 45 minute animation film  is expected to be released by Christmas 2011.


Shreveport's 4HG Entertainment is comprised of NRTEG, author Mr. Stephens and Shreveport businessman Steve Brown. 4HG has built a catalogue of screenplays based on the catalogue of Steve Stephens' published novels including Anybody Love (with acclaimed director Julie Dash attached to direct) and The Formula (based on the Stephens' novel God In Our Schools, with Kevin Altieri attached to direct).   

NRTEG is looking to develop more animation titles. And, regarding live action films, the company plans to produce the feature films Anybody Love and The Formula, in Louisiana, when a funding and distribution strategy is in place. Alvarez believes that the success of The Greatest Escape will lead to continued film production of Steve Stephens' stories.