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NRT Entertainment Group (NRTEG) was founded in 2000 by producer Mike Alvarez. NRTEG is the parent organization of both NRT Films and Not Records Tapes, and a partner in the Louisiana-based film studio 4HG Entertainment LLC.  Here you'll find a little more about usIf you can't find what you need, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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The Steve Stephens' novel The Greatest Escape - It Could Have Happened This Way is now available at NRTEG.  Click the book cover below for information and to purchase the book.

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For Immediate Release:

Animation Film Production Begins on The Greatest Escape

NRT Films began production this past December on the traditional animation film The Greatest Escape, It Could Have Happened This Way, based on the Steve Stephens novel.  A 4HG Entertainment studio and SunMin Image Picture Company of South Korea collaboration, this 45 minute film, directed by Kevin Altieri, is expected to be released Easter of 2010. Click here to see the complete Press Release.