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NRTEG was founded in 2000 by Mike Alvarez as Mike expanded his music production company Not Records Tapes (established in 1984) into a multi-faceted entertainment effort that today includes music, film and television documentary production. NRTEG is the parent organization of both NRT Films and Not Records Tapes and NRTEG is a partner in the Shreveport Louisiana based film studio 4HG Entertainment LLC.

Not Records Tapes (NRT)

Established in Austin, Texas in 1984 as one of the nations first all cassette record companies, the small label quickly produced vinyl product to critical acclaim. Formed by music producer/musician Mike Alvarez, NRT found itself on the world map having produced the likes of The True Believers (with Alejandro Escovedo), Daniel Johnston, The Reivers, Roky Erickson and dozens others.
Mike Alvarez has been based in Los Angeles since 1988 and continues today to produce underground and independent music artists as well as producing his own music and performing at live venues across the U.S.

NRT Films

Formed in 1994, NRT Films began with the development of the company's first feature film project Reverberation, the story of Roky Erickson and The 13th Floor Elevators (note: The 13th Floor Elevators are regarded as the first psychedelic rock band ever). NRT Films has adapted several more published books and manuscripts into screenplays.

In 2000, the company began working on its first Louisiana themed project, "Anybody Love", the first screenplay adapted from the integration trilogy of published books and manuscripts written by Louisiana author Steve Stephens.
NRT Films works closely with Hollywood producers, private investors and the State of Louisiana in establishing an entertainment production infrastructure in the northwest portion of Louisiana.

Today, NRT Films is producing a traditional animation film based on the latest Steve Stephens published novel, The Greatest Escape (Axiom Press). Together with the Shreveport based film studio 4HG Entertainment and South Korea's Sun Min Pictures, NRT Films is serving as the production entity to see the completion of the 45 minute animation film due out Easter 2010.

Contact Information:
Mike Alvarez, President
NRT Entertainment Group